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Characteristics of Curriculum

Our School-based Curriculum aims to develop pupils’ confidence in communicating in English while considering the development of well-rounded individual students. The curriculum is module-based with age-appropriate themes and topics that match with pupils’ development stages. Pupils will learn English skills and other life skills through a variety of tasks and projects which enhance their understanding and use of the English Language.

School-based Curriculum
Reading Programme

To nurture students with a good reading culture and expand their reading horizons, students are introduced to some famous authors and their books.
For Primary 1 and 2, we are introducing Julia Donaldson and talking about her famous book.
Students are recommended to discover more books written by Julia Donaldson.

[Black Box Theatre Performance: It’s Christmas time]
[Black Box Theatre Performance: It’s Christmas time (Simplified)]

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Kids A-Z Online Reading Programme – Read Anytime, Anywhere

We are launching the Kids A-Z online reading programme for P.1-P.6 students. Students can read various e-books at their reading level to help enhance their reading proficiency. They can listen, read and complete the quiz of each book at their level. They can also record themselves reading a book aloud from their home! Let’s listen to some of our schoolmates’ recordings.

Common Learning Difficulties

Our School-based Curriculum includes curriculum to overcome common learning difficulties. There are different grammar items which pupils may find difficult to understand and use. Therefore, our teachers have designed different activities to help pupils tackle common learning difficulties.


In order to promote pupils’ English writing proficiency, a theme-based writing task named ‘Writing’ is designed for pupils in each chapter. The theme-based writing task includes ‘Pre Writing’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Post Writing’. The set of writing task scaffolds pupils to write in English with adequate support and confidence.

Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme

Our native-speaking English teacher Miss Dong has been teaching at our school for more than 10 years. She teaches storybooks with a lot of fun activities to junior classes. She also teaches senior classes how to do their presentation and think critically.

Grant Scheme on Promotion Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools (PEEGS)
Implementation Plan
Our Nets

Hello! I’m Ms Dong. I’m your NET teacher at Kwong Ming school. I’m Australian and have been teaching English for 24 years. I enjoy creating interesting, authentic and interactive English activities for students. It’s very rewarding seeing students utilising their English language skills in and out of the classroom. My goal is to continue to motivate and encourage students to further enhance their interest in the English language. Don’t be afraid to chat to me and the other NETs of the school.

Hello! My name is Ms. Daria. I come from Russia. I have been teaching English in Hong Kong for 3 years and I enjoy it so much! In my free time, I love travelling and playing ultimate frisbee.

Hello everyone! I’m Mr. Daryl. As a child, I lived in Australia and several Asian countries. I graduated from Silliman University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, majoring in English. Teaching has always been my passion in life. I have been teaching in Hong Kong for more than 8 years now. I am very grateful and excited to be teaching English at Kwong Ming School. It is my goal to make activities and learning fun for all students. Feel free to come and talk to me about your hobbies and interests whenever you have time! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Joyful Christmas

Joyful Christmas Week was held in December. Pupils celebrated by enjoying many fun activities. Our English Ambassadors were very helpful in helping the schoolmates in making Christmas hats. They also had Christmas Bingo, and writing Christmas tags to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Everyone had a wonderful time!

Happy Halloween

We had activities to welcome Halloween and to celebrate with students. The English Ambassadors and teachers were all dressed in beautiful costumes! Students played games at recess and lunch break. They got a treat from the English Ambassadors. Everyone had a lot of fun.

One of the highlights of the event was the ‘Halloween Photos’. Students selected a Halloween speech bubble and took a photo with the witches. It was a fabulous and fun week for everyone!

English Ambassadors

English Ambassadors are trained regularly to assist in conducting various English activities. They need to communicate with teachers and pupils in English. ‘Practice makes Perfect!’

Tuning into KMS

English broadcasts in the morning are hosted by our English reporters. They do some sharing about themselves and talk about school events.

Australia Study Tour

Thirty students from Primary 4 to 6 were flown to Sydney to take part in a seven-day Australia Study Tour. During the seven-day study tour, students explored the culture and history of Sydney. They visited many different places, experienced school visits and savoured Australian cuisine.

Students joining the trip benefited from learning out of the classroom. The tour not only provided students with an opportunity to experience Australia from different perspectives, it allowed students to enrich their knowledge and broadened their international exposure.

Outstanding Performance in 2021/22
Hong Kong School Drama Festival

Congratulations to our English Musical Team for obtaining outstanding results in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival (HKSDF) 2021/22. After a year of preparation and rehearsals, our production ‘A Kid's Life’ was successfully performed. Our team obtained the Award for Outstanding Cooperation and Award for Outstand Audio-visual Effects. We are glad that our effort was recognized.

Puppetry Competition

Puppetry Competition 2021-22
This year we joined the Story to Stage Puppetry Competition organised by the EDB NET Section. It was our first year to join the competition. The students, parents and teachers put in a lot of hard work to prepare for the competition. The NET and the local English teachers collaborated in training a team of five primary 4 and 5 students to select a story, write a script, design and make puppets and props. It was a lot of fun and the puppetry group did a great job. We finished the competition in 1st place. We were thrilled with the result!